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Summer tour schedule

How yall doing? This summer/fall is looking GREAT. checkout the TOUR schedule.
I’ll be rocking with Blitz the Ambassador in Europe,then jump to the JazzAscona festival and perform with Roy Bennett (killin vocalist/bassist).Its my 2nd year performing there.Its So beautiful there + IM ON THE POSTER! Im still in shock about that,hasnt sunk in yet.

Im hoping to perform back in MS/SC/NY/PA/Atl/CA in August to promote my cd.Yea…i SAID it…my CD! Go ahead..you can say FINALLY!lol

Its been a LONG road. Im so blessed to have Great fans that are more like best friends! Love Yall!The site will also be changing more and more. Shout out to my endorsers for the support! I will have a full list of them when the site is finished.Thanks again…im sleepy.lol Soul Muzik is a movement!

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