(213) 537-3972

+(39) 069-9268053 ext 817

AIM: iameZrabrown

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4 responses to “Connect

  1. Roxann McDade

    EZra, May God bless and protect you. Your music heals. You let me smile when I hear you play. Your passion for music is contagious.

  2. Hey Ezra, I am so glad that I sign up for so many mailing lists. Once I read that their would be live jazz on Saturday I knew I had to get out of the house. I am grateful. Not only am I grateful to have been able to hear you all live, but I was the first to purchase your album in the world :-)! As I’m typing this I am listening to the album and my favorite song “the journey” is playing. I am originally from Nashville, TN and moved to Jackson last September for an internship and am praying about the next step of my journey. When I heard you play “the journey” it instantly moved me. Thank you for your passion and thank you for sharing it and your journey with the world. I can listen to “the journey” all day. As I listen to it I reflect on my past, think about the present, and am joyful about the future. The thoughts and emotions that I feel right now have never all come to surface through anything all at once. You are phenomenal! Be blessed.

  3. Terri L

    I purchased your CD at the Jazz Festival in Cheraw, love it.

  4. Amari

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. You mentioned him tonight so that means that you are are still hurting. Please remember all your wonderful good thoughts of him and keep in mind the scripture at Revelation 21:3-4, which says that “He will wipe out every tear from our eyes and death will be no more”. Please heal thru music
    Hugs n much respect

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