Gospel, blues, jazz, r&b, soul, hip-hop—language of the human experience, Ezra Brown’s music speaks this language. His horn serves as his translator, becoming a voice that speaks in tongues transcending any language barrier. Ezra’s sound — a culmination of southern comfort and urban grit, gives birth to a style that is new, yet familiar. This sound speaks from the soul. A sound Ezra calls Soul Muzik. When he picks up his horn, sound is transformed into a language that enters the soul producing an experience that is pure music. An experience that goes beyond sound becoming something that is felt. Music that translates the human experience for all to understand.

Ezra Brown uses his musical style to transform a mere story to a lyrical moment. This style makes him a much sought after force among his contemporaries. As saxophonist, keyboardist, music director, and arranger, he has collaborated with a broad spectrum of industry greats. He has worked with an impressive list of Grammy Award winning artists such as Cassandra Wilson, John Forte, and Charlie Daniels,BB King,Bobby”Blue”Bland. His works also includes Grammy nominated artists – Jennifer Hudson,Les Nubians, Calvin Richardson, Gordon Chambers and Latin artist, CuCu Diamantes. Ezra and his horn has also graced the world stage at several international music festival including: recently the 2013 KL International Jazz Festival – Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, JazzAcona Festival – Acona, Switzerland; Black World Arts Festival – Dakar, Senegal; and Trans Musicales de Rennes Music Festival – Rennes, France,North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotterdam,NL ,2013 South Carolina Jazz Festival,Solidays -Paris,FR ,and many more.

Constantly fine-tuning his artistic expression, Ezra is currently involved in several projects.While he is touring the world,he makes time to do many global workshops/masterclass with kids and students about the music he plays.Soul Muzik…( a mix of R&B /Jazz/Blues/Gospel) He also serves as a member of Andy Allo’s band(Prince’s Protige’),Blitz the Ambassador; and as a band member for Cheryl Pepsii Riley at The Village Underground in New York City, the top R & B open mic night in the country. You can hear Ezra on MTVu’s Live Sessions, where he is featured with Blitz the Ambassador and John Forte “Breathe” video on MTVu; ESPN World Cup 2010 playlist Blitz the Ambassador’s “Something To Believe In”; and clothing label LRG presents The Kid Daytona “Lifted” w/ hip hop artist Styles P.

Ezra and his horn has something to say. The vehicle in which he chooses to convey this message is in the form of his Debut album ‘The Journey’ ,which was released July 2013.He is currently touring promoting the album with scheduled performances at Nicaragua International Jazz Festival 2014 & KL International Jazz Festival (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia).

5 responses to “Bio

  1. Janice Daniels

    Hello Cousin
    This is you’re FIRST cousin Janice from Maryland, just got off the phone with aunt nete. I wanted to invite you to my 50th Birthday Party but she told me you would be out of the country, so we will celebrate when your back in the states. We’re so proud of you.!!! Sending you LOVE & SUPPORT

  2. C. D. Eubanks

    Can’t wait til this recording drops. It’s long overdue.

  3. gregg green

    yo son..much respekt man..diggin’ your grind..

  4. Parnell Singleton

    Outstanding my brother.Friend of your Aunt Gwen and family. I’m Parnell, fellow musician

  5. Kaylee

    You are one of the greats. We appreciate your art, love, and joy. Keep your heart in the right place. We love what your doing!

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